India’s bludgeoning of Kashmir is a new low for global anti-Muslim violence

“Comment: India’s treatment of Kashmiris shows that the global practice of Muslim repression has now reached new heights, writes Kevin Schwartz.

Police in Kashmir confront protesters in December 2018. (Photo: Tasnim News Agency. Creative commons)

“The US-led global ‘War on Terror’ has long been recognised as a template for other countries to surveil and circumscribe the presence of Muslims”

Initially, these strategies, laden with conspiratorial and xenophobic thinking as they are, were mostly understood via a singular cultural (western imperial) or security (global terrorist networks) lens through which to view Muslims’ presence in the world.

“The evident conclusion: the ‘othering’ of Muslims has become a global epidemic”

Recent laws curtailing Muslims’ right to free expression, like Quebec’s “secularism law” banning the wearing of religious symbols by civil servants in the workplace, may theoretically apply to all religions, not just Islam.

Research Fellow, Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague

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